Chiang Mai native Sangduen Longta has searched in vain for jobs since she graduated in December from Phayao University. It’s not because of her poor grades – the 23-year-old’s GPA of 2.85 is decent and her degree in public health education is in demand.

Sangduen was dismayed to discover that all the open positions at Thailand’s Public Health Ministry indicated that she’s not eligible to even apply. Her “crime” – or lack of qualification – is the fact that she was born stateless, to a Myanmar migrant father and a Thai Yai mother, and remained stateless to this day.

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Thai citizenship Ms. Soisukha Jantha

My name is Ms. Soisukha Jantha. I was born 9 November 2538 (1995), at Mai Ai district hospital in Chiang Mai province. I am in my third year at Ratchaphat University (Chiang Mai), majoring in English Language. I live at 57/C Moo 1, Tambon Malika, Amphur Mai Ai, Chiang Mai. In the past, I was a stateless person. I received my Thai citizenship on 29 June 2559 (2016) – on this day, I gained my freedom.

Life does not surrender to statelessness.

Life stateless like being trapped in a narrow cage, Cannot know what the future will be like? From the innocent little children who cannot travel to the US with family due to the problem of Thai nationality. Children who have been missing from her parents and lived with his grandmother on the status of stateless children in Thailand. The little boy was me, this is my story.


Stateless people are not aliens

The practical seminar “Stateless people’s rights to work in Thailand”May 24, 2016, Centara Duangtawan Hotel. Muang District, Chiang Mai  The rights to work of the aliens have included those of the stateless according to the Working of Alien Act B.E. 2551.The stateless are only allowed choosing from 27 careers. Even though they might graduate in Bachelor’s degree from the medical school or Bachelor of education, they cannot work under those degrees.


Do not underestimate the importance of request forms

Naraporn and the legal clinic staff under the Stateless Children Protection Project (SCPP) traveled to the register office at Chiang Dao district in order to receive a receipt of request after the petition for Thai nationality under section 7 bis paragraph 2 of the Nationality Act B.E. 2058 (1965) as amended by the Nationality Act (No.2) B.E. 2535 (1992).The petition has been sent since the beginning of 2014 but at that time the register office at Chiang Dao district did not give Naraporn a receipt of request as evidence.

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