Mae Hong Son on Wednesday presented Thai citizenship identification cards to 417 formerly stateless children and young people who were born to foreigners living in the northern province.

Stateless boy wins 'ticket to a new life'

Keng, a stateless orphan in the care of Mahamek Home for Boys in Bangkok's Sathorn district, almost had to pinch himself when he found he had been granted Thai nationality as the ID card he was clutching will be a ticket to a better life.

His new fancy name of Kittichai Chatsakulphuwadol has been registered at the district office of Kannayao in Bangkok.

He eventually obtained an identity card he had looked forward to receiving for a long time. The ID card which most Thais by birth take for granted will now give him full access to rights and benefits as a Thai citizen.

342 stateless people win Thai status

Kanchanaburi: A group of 342 stateless people have pledged to be good citizens in a ceremony held in this western province to formally grant them Thai citizenship.

They were among 971 people, mostly from ethnic minority groups, recently declared Thai nationals -- a status they viewed as necessary to obtaining better jobs and an improved standard of living.

All were born and reside in Kanchanaburi's remote Thong Pha Phum district adjacent to Myanmar.

Thailand's stateless: Generations without citizenship

In 2017, Thailand's government promised to grant nationality to 80,000 stateless people, but hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, are still waiting.

As the world focuses on the plight of the stateless Rohingya in Myanmar, neighbouring Thailand is working towards its goal of eradicating statelessness by 2024.

More than 400,000 people without citizenship are registered with the Thai government - but the actual figure is thought to be more than three million.

Junta’s effort to suppress human trafficking backfires

The junta’s attempt to prevent human trafficking has pushed migrant workers into a more precarious situation. 
Migrant workers and employers said the new Management of Foreign Workers’ Employment Act, enacted in June 2017, may not have achieved the intended purpose of saving migrant workers from human trafficking because the implementation of the law has opened a loophole for exploitation by the middlemen. 

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