On May Day, labour activists across Thailand assembled to call for a better welfare state and fair working conditions.

International Workers’ Day this year — 1 May 2017 or ‘May Day’ — saw the Rangsit Labour Union travelled to Pathumtani to deliver a petition to the provincial governor. The petition stakes eight demands:      ....

Supreme Court dismisses land encroachment charges against Karen


           After almost a decade-long legal battle, the Supreme Court has dismissed lawsuits against 2 members of the Karen ethnic minority in northern Thailand accused of land encroachment.

On 22 March 2017, the Provincial Court of Mae Sot District in Tak Province dismissed the case against Nohaemui Wiangwicha and Dipaepo or Dipaepho, two members of the Karen ethnic minority of Ban Mae Omki, Mae Wa Luang Subdistrict, Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province.

Syrians Change their Names to Obtain the Turkish Nationality


             “In an interview on granting the Turkish nationality, the officer asked me to change my nickname because it wasn’t Turkish. I tried to hold on to my opinion as much as possible, but he refused and told me that according to Turkish law it was not possible. So, I had to change it with another Turkish nickname, turning into another Manal”

Turning Point: Family status of migrants from Shan State and Thai citizenship policy

Pongpan Chumjai


           What are the dreams of families who migrated from Shan State and currently reside in Thailand? Many families hope to be reunited with family members in their home country; but there are many families who hope to begin new lives here, in Thailand.  While Shan children have been growing up in Thai society and feel that Thailand is their home, how should the Thai policies on citizenship and the status of stateless people be adjusted to the needs of this cross-border population?  These issues are addressed in the following report.

Migrant Workers Demand Full Labor Rights in Northern Thailand

             CHIANG MAI, Thailand—Burmese migrant workers and local Thai workers marched to Chiang Mai City Hall on Monday afternoon to demand full labor rights on the occasion of International Labor Day, or May Day. Around 200 workers from the Northern Thailand Labor Network—which is comprised of Thai and Burmese workers’ associations as well as local academics—conducted a two-day workshop on Sunday and Monday to collect workers’ voices on the internationally-recognized labor day.

When NGOs save children who don't want to be saved

The Guardian recently featured a heart-rending story about children rescued from trafficking in Togo, paralleling a previous story on the same subject in Benin. Both reports painted a picture that will be familiar to many: ruthless employers exploiting the innocent; parents compelled by poverty to "sell" their children; cultural backwardness making things worse, helpful NGOs saving the day.

Music for Stateless


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