Ministry of labour use the card allows the labor foreign legion the smart card


Ministry of labour allows e-work permit and arranges the system of  alien labors be neat in Thailand, and experts that economic value may increase to 1 trillion baht.

                General, Congseep  Tuntrawanis, the spokesman of defense Press releases declares the results of the meeting   of directors powered and administrative reform government group 5 that marshal general  prawit  wongsuwan deputy prime minister and minister of defence to be the president   by identifying the solving of  human trafficking and labor illegal  Which Thailand has the labor foreign legion the entire system for more than 2 million people has effect the system stability and Thailand needs to maintain labor foreign legion for the industry in the future.

                 the ministry of  labor has created e-working card at the laboring center the and ending employment , it is opened open in the provinces Tak, Nong khai and Saraburi. Also, it’s created by the computer system in form of smart card which is easy to carry, and easy to verify by the QR cord.

                However, The former labor when finally due to the licenses, when they are required for the new card, the cards has to be made to the new former in order to control the alien labors in country. In addition, the economic value that is associated with the alien labors will be increased to 1 trillion baht, so the stricky law is needed in order to control and to manage systematricly.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017