NHRC. Accelerate Department of Provincial Administration Check the status of the Thai nationality to the group and the Muslim-Myeik 248

On May 20, Mrs. Tuenjai Deetes The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC)

Chairman, Subcommittee on Person status The right to ethnic groups and a tribe With the staff fromthe foundation of Thai community go to the Faculty of Forestry Kasetsart University Tambon Huay Yang Sakae of  Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.  Proving The right to a group of Thai people displaced according to the agreement between the Department of Provincial Administration and NHRC.

                    Then the summary of the problem and guidelines for compliance after receiving the complaint from the Muslim-Myeik  Members of the network to resolve the problem the nationality Thai people. The number of 74 families, 248 people In the area, Prachuap Khiri Khan has been sold name out of the Registration Petition and does not have a status of Thai people according to the act  Nationality edit Additional Information 5. To have a problem in the outward journey and career. While some the State agency  areas unable to process the claim to have the progress because the claims that the original document is lost and there is a check to wear the permissions by Department of Special Investigation (DSI) in addition to the status with Thai some displaced  may have a problem of national security

                    Mrs. Tuenjai said the Thai displaced people are  more than 400 from  Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, Ranong and  Phang-nga area Included the claims of Thai nationality continuously for many years. By collecting the account list that appears clear evidence that there is no corruption from the wear the permissions and as the Thai people as a by the fathers of the proof of the facts as the chart relatives and such person shall not hold any other nationality but the problem from the user certificate is subdistrict headman, village headman some areas are a problem in the performance of duties by a group of influential and there is corruption for receive the benefits.

                    “ The Group Muslim-Myeik joined the campaign on foot to claim the nationality since 2011 but they found the problems that there is corruption from the Thai nationality because it is put on the right Make someone this group has been sold out from the system in The Registration Petition Since the year 2009 became the Barbarian. Confirmed  They was in many time in the meeting that this group rights have been violated. They will Need to be modified to return the name in the Registration Petition and not accepted as a Thai people based on the features that set the act  Nationality which the sub-committee NHRC To invite a representative of the Administrative to discuss for clarify why do not speed up the edit check both the Ministry of Interior There is an instruction guidelines clearly and it is an important problem that has to be in violation of the rights in this manner several provinces across the country more than 18,000  NHRC Will accelerate the summary of the Department of administrative to provide facts within 30 days ”  Mrs. Tuenjai said

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Monday, June 5, 2017